Machín is Running Out of Time

Although Seville is still without a sports director, negotiating at this time with his two favourites in the national market, Ramón Planes (Getafe) and Felipe Miñambres (Celta), with better harmony with Catalan, which is a year of contract with the blue Ensemble , the club has been surveying the coaches ‘ market for some time. The best placed, as reported by MARCA, was a Pablo Machín, who in his day was left to want, and to which his current club, Girona, which has contract until 2019, begins to grow impatient to close its continuity.

The Catalan club takes time talking with the Soriano technician to sign a contract beyond 2019. Txiki Begiristain and Ferrán Soriano, the most responsible in the sports field of Manchester City, with a majority stake in Girona, have taken the issue and try to convince Machín not to wait any longer. They know that it is a man with a market, who has highlighted in his first year in the elite and do not want to let him go now that his great project in Spain has taken momentum.

The time to decide

The preparer, however, has asked for a little more time to answer. He is very grateful to Girona and does not want to go wrong, but a jump how the one that could give is not available to anyone. With the league concluded, that time to decide will not go beyond next week, at which time Machín must sign with Girona or say goodbye to the Catalan club because it has reached a irrechazable offer in the sports plane. And that proposal is no other than the Sevillista.

Favorable reports

Nervionenses leaders and technicians handle very good reports on the skills of the coach and are willing to bet hard for him. However, to make it logical for their planning, they are waiting for the new sports director, so that he also participates in an important decision.

It will not be an imposition by either side, but a choice of consensus. Sevilla wants to listen to its future sports manager, but leaving clear the preferences that the leaders and technicians of the House have with respect to the person who should take the stand. The disappointment of this year that has just ended has been major. Neither Berizzo nor Montella have achieved the expected results, leaving behind the coffers diminished in the chapter of settlements. It wants to contribute on insurance, although in a project that is to release that is impossible, neither with Machín nor with another profile of coach with more parties in the elite.

Possible and impossible

It is not Pablo Machín the only alternative on which the club works. The market of national coaches-the Sevilla does not want experiments neither in the sport direction nor on the bench-it throws names like those of Unai Emery-in advanced conversations with the Arsenal-or Quique Sánchez Flores. Both with a very different profile, many parties in the league behind their back and without the altitude sickness to train a club like Sevilla.

The past of Emery in Nervión is known to all. No one from the Andalusian entity has contacted him. From both sidewalks it was said that it was a remote possibility, but possibility. The BBC announced last night a possible agreement with the Arsenal this week. It would only be possible for his return to be at a point where none had his choice made when time is pressing.

In the case of Quique, his attachment to Seville and the Sevillista club is well known. He has always maintained that he has the illusion of sitting on the local bench of Sánchez-Pizjuán. Before the arrival of Sampaoli, the option to join Sevilla was felt, but it had already been committed to Espanyol. Now you can cross your paths.

The freedom of Machín

With all these alternatives, the one that stays in the pole-until the future sports director intervenes and opines-is that of Pablo Machín. The hours pass and you must decide. Next week will have to answer and Sevilla knows that with a million euros gets the freedom of one of the coaches in Spain fashion. Two transcendental decisions. The sports director and the coach. Time flies.